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The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (often shortened AoStH) was the first Sonic cartoon created by DiC entertainment in early 1993 before Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground. The show is more comedic than its successors, which have resulted it in being used in a variety of internet memes.

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About the Show[]

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was created by DIC Entertainment, which produced a total of 65 episodes for its first season, and was syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment, now BKN International (in the original run, every episode began and ended with the "Bohbot Entertainment Presents" logo).

Later DiC ceased production on this comical version to spend more time on its darker interpretation, dubbed just Sonic the Hedgehog (commonly known as SatAM by fans), a series launched on ABC's Saturday morning line-up. It also airs on Toon Disney And Fox Kids in 1998-2003. More information...

After the original airing[]

Another episode was said to be produced, but was never shown. Along with two other episodes that were in the works. DiC then created one more episode in the winter of 1996, "Sonic Christmas Blast", which has features from the other Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon such as Princess Sally Acorn in a non-speaking cameo. It also has Sonic, Sally and Tails visiting Robotropolis, which has a human population and a name pronounced with two "T"s. In this episode, Robotnik replaces Santa with a robot duplicate and demands that everybody gives him Christmas presents instead of getting some from Santa. Sonic, Sally, Tails and Santa team up to save the holiday. The letters page of issue #41 of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book promotes the special as "An X-Tremely Sonic Christmas" It was going to be named "An X-tremely Sonic Christmas", but later "Sonic X-treme" was cancelled, in which turn, the episode had to be renamed.

Production and basic plot[]

Pierre De Celles, an animator who worked on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, described the show as "fun and humorous."

The central protagonists are Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails", while the main antagonists include Robotnik and his two hench-bots Scratch and Grounder (with a third robot, Coconuts, appearing on occasion).

There are many occasional minor characters and robots too, including Robotnik's dominating mother. The world has more non-human creatures, like anthropomorphic animals superpowerd humans and robots than other projects. The planet, Mobius is more of a zany, colorful cartoon world in this version. Each episode featured the famous "Sonic Sez" segments where Sonic gave us advice on different topics, ranging from staying in school, not running away from home and not using guns to smoking, alcohol abuse, false advertising, sexual harassment, and even the dangers of riding in clothes dryers. Today, the segments, along with the entire show are often used in internet memes.

In the United Kingdom, the series was screened on Channel 4 on Sunday mornings which had the "Sonic Says" segments edited out, possibly because of either time constraints or they were more aimed at American audiences and that many of the subjects were considered too controversial or hard to understand for UK audiences. They were also edited out on the UK VHS releases of the series. However, the segments were intact on the TCC and POP! airings, as well as the DVD boxset. In Australia, the show was aired on Agro's Cartoon Connection on weekday mornings and on Cheez TV on Saturday mornings. Unlike in the UK, all "Sonic Says" segments were left intact.


De-Celles said in an interview that the staff of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog did not possess an awareness of nor a sense of competition against the Saturday series, which he describes as "serious and heavy." He said that the approaches to the cartoons differed and he described the staff as too busy to pay attention to the other series.



Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles 'Tails' Prower
Princess Sally Acorn
Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Metal Sonic (AOSTH)


Wes Weasley Edward Elric And Alphonse Elric Michael Donovan

Vic Mignogna And Aaron Diskmuke

Santa Claus Jay Brazeau
Professor Von Schlemmer And Shahra French Tickner

And Bella Hudson

Miss Possum Louise Vallance
D.U.F.U.S. Todd Haberkorn
Polar Bear Hacker Steve Blum

Ian James Corlett


Reed Shelly Main writer and script editor
Jeffrey Scott Main writer and script editor
Milton Knight and Tyler Klause Character designers


List of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes in its original production order.

Unaired Pilot
Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad
Subterranean Sonic
Lovesick Sonic
Slowwww Going
High Stakes Sonic
Sonic Breakout
Trail of the Missing Tails
Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind
Momma Robotnik's Birthday
Big Daddy
Sonic's Song
Birth of a Salesman
Best Hedgehog
The Robotnik Express
Too Tall Tails
Tails' New Home
Over the Hill Hero
Blank-Headed Eagle
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops
So Long Sucker
Sonic Gets Thrashed
Pseudo Sonic
Grounder the Genius
Tails in Charge
Sno Problem
Submerged Sonic
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby
Robotnik Jr.
Full Tilt Tails
Momma Robotnik Returns
Spaceman Sonic
Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior
The Last Resort
Robotnik's Rival
The Magic Hassle
Sonic the Matchmaker
Tails Prevails
Attack on Pinball Fortress
Mass Transit Trouble
Untouchable Sonic
Super Robotnik
Magnificent Sonic
Black Bot the Pirate
Hedgehog of the Hound Table
Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
Prehistoric Sonic
Baby-Sitter Jitters
Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog
The Mobius 5000
The Little Merhog
Road Hog
The Robot's Robot
Tails' Tale
Hero of the Year
Fast and Easy
Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted
Sonic is Running
Sonically Ever After
Sonic's Christmas Blast