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These are the episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Image Episode Name Air dates
Unaired Pilot August 29, 1992 March 4, 2009 (YouTube) [1]
Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad October 6, 1993
Subterranean Sonic September 16, 1993
Sonic and breezie
Lovesick Sonic September 15, 1993
Slowwww Going September 28, 1993
High Stakes Sonic September 20, 1993
Sonic Breakout November 2, 1993
Trail of the Missing Tails October 1, 1993
Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind
Momma Robotnik's Birthday
Aosth sonic had a good mission
Big Daddy September 23, 1993
AOSTH - Catty is so nice and very nice
Sonic's Song November 19, 1993
Birth of a Salesman
AOSTH - Tails is waiting too
Best Hedgehog September 6, 1993
The Robotnik Express
AOSTH - Tails to tell everbody celebrated of chill-dogs
Too Tall Tails October 5, 1993
Tails' New Home September 7, 1993
Over the Hill Hero
Blank-Headed Eagle
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops November 4, 1993
AOSTH - Sonic and Tails meets Goopster
So Long Sucker September 19, 1993
Aosth sonic is really awesome!
Sonic Gets Thrashed October 19, 1993
Pseudo Sonic
Grounder the Genius
Aosth tails so very happy
Tails in Charge October 11, 1993
SnoProblem 206 Sonic and Tails
Sno Problem November 22, 1993
Submerged Sonic
Boogey-Mania September 22, 1993
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby October 12, 1993
Robotnik Jr.
Full Tilt Tails
Momma Robotnik Returns
Spaceman Sonic
Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior
The Last Resort
Robotnik's Rival
The Magic Hassle October 25, 1993
Sonic the Matchmaker
Aosth tails did it good work
Tails Prevails October 21, 1993
Attack on Pinball Fortress
Mass Transit Trouble November 8, 1993
Untouchable Sonic November 1, 1993
Super Robotnik
Magnificent Sonic October 7, 1993
Black Bot the Pirate
Aosth sonic had a good idea
Hedgehog of the Hound Table October 27, 1993
Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
Prehistoric Sonic
Baby-Sitter Jitters
Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog November 18, 1993
Aosth sonic is good
Robotnikland November 25, 1993
The Mobius 5000
The Little Merhog November 26, 1993
Road Hog
The Robot's Robot
AOSTH - Tails introduced himself
Tails' Tale December 1, 1993
Hero of the Year
Fast and Easy
Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted
Aosth sonic is way past cool
Sonic is Running November 23, 1993
Sonically Ever After
Ince tet-Sonic
Sonic Christmas Blast November 24, 1996

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