Plot Edit

Sonic and Tails befriend a pair of royal aliens who crash land their spaceship on Mobius. Sonic has to avoid Robotnik's ULTRA-GRAVITIZER (a sort of Hedgehog flypaper) to help fix their ship and blast-off back home. They must find a valuable nose cone belonging to the prince's brother that, if it is not returned to them, will spell the end of Mobius. After some time of dodging Scratch and Grounder, and finding the nose cone, Sonic returns to find Robotnik poised to disintegrate Tails, who is in a cage, bound and gagged. Sonic offers to trade himself in for Tails, and Robotnik agrees. Sonic is then bound and gagged in Tails' place. The aliens devise a way to save Sonic, who is slowly running out of air. The prince "accidentally" kicks a conveniently placed rock which falls over and starts hitting the others in a domino-like fashion. They fall on Robotnik's ship and crush him as the prince unties Sonic. The aliens then leave.

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