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--- Robotnik, saying his catchphrase towards Sonic

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is the main antagonist of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik has a more comical evil genius persona than any other interpretation of the character. Rather than being the sadistic misanthrope is he is in the video games and other shows, in AoSTH however he is more of a comedic foil for Sonic the Hedgehog. He has a very unique vocal characteristic, placing a lot of emphasis in his speech - most notably, he rolls all his "R"s. Regardless of his unfathomable genius, it's quite clear that Robotnik is not the smartest character or at the very least, not the most effective character in this show, due to how much he is lacking in some level of common sense and showing a huge level of incompetence whilst still being all knowing in robotology, wordplay, science and self-image. Nontheless, he is a cowardly and childish but still a very evil man, betraying everyone whenever he can yet still tries to lie his way out of situations by promising wealth and fortune for compliance. This depicts his selfishness - it is often made very clear that he would do whatever it takes to rule the planet of Mobius, even if it means the suffering of those around him.

He created a squad of his own called the S.S.S.S. Squad, which has a organization that includes many robots of his own that were "hired" to catch and subdue Sonic the Hedgehog singlehandedly, where Robotnik would destroy Sonic himself. Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts being his most notable members that are infamous for screwing up at catching Sonic, this being one of the biggest reasons his plans backfire and one of the biggest reasons why he mistreats the aforementioned trio through physical assault and verbal abuse.

Speaking of which, one of Robotnik's strongest weak points that are taken to a fault are his extreme levels of arrogance and his countless shortcomings with defeating Sonic due to his faire share of mental-lapses behind his actions like how he almost always placing the blame for any failure on his underlings or anyone than himself. He also despised anything nice and praises any negative trait, as he took pride in being referred to as "fiendish" or "generally unpleasant".

Despite the extremely comedic tone of his character to enforce the series' style of 'absurd fun' like Robotnik's humorous insults, hammy mannerisms, sarcastic wit and failing to achieve most of his plans for example, Robotnik has demonstrated that he was capable of being threatening despite being an very inefficient, angry, childish and goofy villain. Notable cases include the episode Mass Transit Trouble that involved him sabotaging mass transit systems all across Mobius with bombs that'd kill everyone and such to the point that Sonic couldn't save everyone at once. He also has kidnapped plenty of Mobian people, most notably Tails and Professor Von Schlemmer. Robotnik either forced them to make on a weapon to use against Sonic, or making death threats. There were times where he can be violent, aggressive or belligerent when he needs to be as seen in episodes like Sonic's Breakout and Super Robotnik for example, all because of how wrathful, egotistical and short-tempered he can be, showing how much of a formidable streak he has if he isn't being pathetic or whenever Sonic isn't hindering Robotnik.

In the episode Best Hedgehog, there is a subplot where he had a perceived romantic rival Lucas who Robotnik has successfully trapped in a cage for thirty years because Lucinda, a woman Robotnik loved and desired to be married with since he was a teenager, cared more about Lucas and wanted nothing to do with Robotnik. This episode also explains how Robotnik became the villain that he is today ever since he was a teenager.

Speaking of which, he has an abusive mother who raised Robotnik to be a lying scoundrel and to never tell the truth, practically raising him to become what he is today; this was also revealed in "Zoobotnik" as Momma Robotnik spanked Robotnik for telling the truth about what went wrong.

Robotnik is a physically adept person, able to build various supermachines with his bare hands regardless of his constantly mocked build. He is also able to lift quite large loads easily, though this may only be for comical effect.

Other Media[]

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine[]

Robotnik seen in DRMBM

Dr. Robotnik in the staff credits segment

While many Sonic games in the 90s feature some versions of Robotnik, canon-wise or not, the only game that has this particular incarnation of Eggman to appear in was Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He serves as the titular main antagonist and the final boss of the game, who provides exposition for why he needs beans from Beanville as a part of his plan for conquering Mobius.


As he is in most of his appearances, Robotnik is depicted as being overweight, which is highlighted by his skin-tight body suit and the radical direction with his facial design. His suit is cut into four sections by a yellow cross, with the two top sections being red, the bottom sections black. He also wears grey gloves and red boots. He very rarely changes his outfit - though it is unknown if he just wears the same one all the time, or if he has many suits of the same design, which is done for comical effect.

His trademark orange moustache is intact from the video games, as well as his long, red/pinkish nose. His eye is black with piercing scarlet pupils, and they jut out from his head. His head is also shown to be conical or have the shape of a triangle as well, where his SatAM counterpart's cone head shape is much more visible to spot than this Robotnik's head design. There is some debate over his appearance, as it looks like he only has one eye with two pupils. He also wears red polka dotted boxers in some scenes.



“Snooping as usual, I see?!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Speaking to his cohorts Scratch and Grounder (normally mistranslated as "Snoo-PINGAS").

“Then allow me to repeat myself yet again! YOU! ARE! NINCOMBOTS!!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Responding to Scratch and Grounder with sarcasm and fury

“I am Rrrobotnik! Evil genius extraordinaire! How dare you insult me! Silence!!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Robotnik telling Coconuts about his superiority while feeling insulted about being underlooked by others

“I'm never in trouble, I make trouble!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Telling Sonic what Robotnik is when Sonic tried making a facade as a mailman in the episode Tails' New Home

“So? When I take total control of Mobius, that's the way EVERYONE will spell it!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Robotnik claiming his rules after Sonic pointed out Robotnik misspelling the word kidnapped with a c

“You metallic morons!!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Verbally abusing Scratch and Smart Grounder when Robotnik finds them in a trashed location in "Grounder the Genius".

Sonic fell for it! Tails is ours! I'll have to give myself a prrrrrrromotion!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Promoting himself after his plan finally works for once

“I thought I was rid of you, you fish-fondling frruitcake!!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Referring to his cousin, Dr. Warpnik, as a fish-loving nutcase when he spots him talking to Sonic about what Warpnik is gonna do in Trail of the Missing Tails.

“Yes! That's it! My eyes like pools! My teeth like polished ivory! That's what I look like!!“

--- Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Robotnik telling Sketch Lampoon how he should be drawn in the episode "Sonic's Breakout".


  • In the episode Sonic Gets Thrashed, while Robotnik was giving his speech as Sonic and his friends were pranking him so Robotnik would look like a joke; he is seen naked in the shower on the screen and everyone laughed at the screen because of this embarrassing moment Robotnik had.
  • In the episode Hero of the Year, while Robotnik had his own show to celebrate after forcing Sonic and friends to drown on Sonic's reunion, Robotnik is seen twice half-naked in a bikini on his own monitor (which has also became a internet meme at some point)
  • Robotnik's line "Snooping as usual I see?" has become an internet meme because the "Ping" and "As" sounded as one word, coming out as Pingas. This same goes to some of his lines such as "SILENCE" and "NO".
  • Super Robotnik is obviously a parody of the DC Comics superhero Supeman, and even has the same powers as Superman himself.
  • His catchphrase "I hate that hedgehog" has been said by other incarnations of Dr. Robotnik, such as his SATAM and Boom counterparts.
  • When Robotnik has his mustache removed which was shown in the unaired pilot and Momma Robotnik's Return, his design almost looks similar to Wallace from Wallace and Gromit.
  • In the 16-bit version of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dr. Robotnik's pupils are seen to be white while on the box art as well as in the Game Gear/Master System version of the game, they are colored red as they are supposed to be.
  • In the unaired pilot of the show, Dr. Robotnik appears to be voiced by Jim Cummings instead of Long John Baldry.
    • Apparently, Jim Cummings would later voice the SATAM counterpart of Dr. Robotnik as well as Lord Boxman from O.K K.O Let's Be Heroes given that show has a Sonic crossover.
  • Milton Knight, the original artist who drew this incarnation of Robotnik, was pushing to make him "animation's sexiest fat man" as the direction the animators were given to do and Milton describes several aspects of Robotnik's personality such as "the perfect image of self love" and "the object of ridicule" as seen here in a Twitter tweet that shows concept art for this Robotnik done by Mr. Knight himself.