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--- Robotnik, saying his catchphrase

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (born August 18, 1965, age 46) is the main antagonist character of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik has a more comical evil genius persona than any other interpretation of the character. Rather than being the sadistic misanthrope is he is in the video games and other shows, in AoSTH he is more of a comedic foil for Sonic the Hedgehog. He has a very unique vocal character, placing a lot of emphasis in his speech - most notably, he rolls all his "R"s. Regardless of his unfathomable genius, it's quite clear that Robotnik is not the smartest character in this show, probably lacking in common sense whilst still being all knowing in robotology and science. Nontheless, he is a cowardly but very evil man, betraying everyone whenever he can yet stil try to lie his way out of situations by promising wealth and fortune for compliance. This depicts his selfishness - it is often made very clear that he would do whatever it takes to rule the planet of Mobius, even if it means the suffering of those around him.

Robotnik is a physically adept person, able to build various supermachines with his bare hands regardless of his constantly mocked build. He is also able to lift quite large loads easily, though this may only be for comical effect.


As he is in most of his appearances, Robotnik is depicted as being overweight, which is highlighted by his skin-tight body suit. This suit is cut into four sections by a yellow cross, with the two top sections being red, the bottom sections black. He wears grey gloves and red boots. He very rarely changes his outfit - though it is unknown if he just wears the same one all the time, or if he has many suits of the same design.

His trademark orange moustache is intact from the video games, as well as his long, red nose. His eye is black with piercing scarlet pupils, and they jut out from his head. There is some debate over his appearance, as it looks like he only has one eye with two pupils. He also wears red polka dotted boxers.


  • In the episode Sonic Gets Thrashed, Robotnik is seen naked in the shower on the screen and everyone is laughing at the screen.
  • Robotnik's line "Snooping as usual I see?" has become an internet meme because the "Ping" and "As" sounded as one word, coming out as Pingas.
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