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Robotnik in Sonic Breakout


Dr. Ivo Robotnik (born August 18, 1965, age 46) is the main antagonist of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. he was the first in this series, Robotnik has a more comical evil genius persona than any other interpretation of the character. Rather than being the sadistic misanthrope is he is in the video games and other shows, in AoSTH he is more of a comedic foil for Sonic the Hedgehog. He has a very unique vocal character, placing a lot of emphasis in his speech - most notably, he rolls all his "R"s. Regardless of his unfathomable genius, it's quite clear that Robotnik is not the smartest character in this show, probably lacking in common sense whilst still being all knowing in robotology and science. Nontheless, he is a cowardly but very evil man, betraying everyone whenever he can yet stil try to lie his way out of situations by promising wealth and fortune for compliance. This depicts his selfishness - it is often made very clear that he would do whatever it takes to rule the planet of Mobius, even if it means the suffering of those around him.

Robotnik is a physically adept person, able to build various supermachines with his bare hands regardless of his constantly mocked build. He is also able to lift quite large loads easily, though this may only be for comical effect.

Voice ActorEdit

Robotnik is voiced by the late blues singer Long John Baldry. However, Due to Long John Baldry's Death in 2005, he will be voiced in Disney's New House of Mouse as Jim Cummings, later John DiMaggio will do Robotnik's voice for the upcoming AOSTH Reboot.

Quotes Edit

  • SnooPING AS usual, I see!
  • I'll have to give myself a promotion!
  • I've called you all together because you're the worst assortment of lowlife mercenaries I ever made! You're mean! You're malicious! You're my kind of rotten!
  • Ever since I launched my genius plan to conquer the planet Mobius, one trouble-making teenager has made me tear every hair from my beautiful head!
  • You took the words right out of my mouth! I hate that hedgehog! He ruins my schemes! He escapes my traps! He helps nice people!
  • But no more, no more! I am hereby declaring Sonic the Hedgehog as Mobius' most wanted fugitive! To ensure his immediate capture, I am offering you the biggest reward in bounty hunter history... 1 billion mobiums, alive or otherwise!
  • What is it?!
  • There he is! Get him! I want that hedgehog!
  • Get him! Get him!
  • Miserable hedgehog! Okay, so I had a small setback! The battle has just begun!
  • It will take all my vile and wicked genius to create the perfect robots to capture that hedgehog! I'll make them strong! Fearless! Ferocious! Supremely rotten like me! But unlike the other robots, these two will be brilliant! Yes!
  • NO! You are the very first member of my new Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad You Will Fight Team Sonic! I have designed you to be the ultimate in hedgehog hunters, and now to make you twice as effective, I'm going to clone you!
  • Perhaps I made you too chicken. No, it won't hurt. I'll just drop your tail feather into the robomatic machine to produce your exact twin. I didn't forget to pull that lever! I'm not supossed to pull that lever! Voila! Your identical twin brother!
  • That last lever caused some slight modifications. No big deal. You two are still the most fearsome fugitive finders ever built!
  • Stop it! I'm ordering you to catch Sonic! Now do it! On Second Thought Catch Tails Instead.
  • Of course you got him! I'll be right there so you can congratulate me.
  • I'm engulfed in a dust cloud!
  • I see them!
  • Uh-Oh! Argh! Scratch, Grounder, where are you? Pick up that phone!
  • He's out there still! Mocking me with his scurrilous speed! Standing between me in my dream of total domination of Mobius! Turn off that light! Can't you see I'm brooding? That's better. As I was saying, I hate that hedgehog, and I want him captured now!! My Deluxe-Highly-calibrated-Hedgehog-omitor has picked up his trail in the Marble Zone. You leave at first light!
  • So? I'm a little impatient.
  • You better be right about this.
  • Shut your brass beaks, you Chrome Cluckers! Remember, You are my Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad! A TEAM! So stop this arguing immidiately!
  • Since you
  • Who is this?!
  • Team RWBY Eh Well There Helping Sonic You Guys Get Rid Of The Hedgehog And His Team!
  • I can't talk now? I'm waiting for important news from the ice territory.
  • My sneaky, devious, under-handed scheme is working!
  • Yes! My secret agent Breezy has got Sonic running in circles all over Mobius!
  • Of course!  That was the sneaky part of my genius and under-handed scheme!
  • Yes, you dumbots! How else can I get Sonic to make Breezy happy?
  • Silence!
  • Now that Breezy is going to eliminate Sonic off the planet, it's time to lauch the second part of my under-handed scheme!
  • Sigh. This is embarrassing! Mobius' greatest genius, reduced to a junk collection!
  • Well, gentlemen, How do you like it?
  • Yes! It's my new Eggo-matic-tunnelizer and town terrorizer! See that lovely empty space in my fortress?
  • If That Hedgehog Thinks He Can Stop Me That Easy He's Wrong Shadow! Rouge! Silver! Omega! Decode! Bocode! Bokkun! Scratch! Grounder! Orbot! Cubot! Come In!
  • Evreyone Get In Here Now!
  • In six hours, that village will be gone! Vanished! Destroyed! Obliterated! I'm flooding it! I'll tunnel to the main reservoir! Steal all its water, and turn that town into Lake Robotnik!
  • No! I want you two to help Breezy eliminate Sonic! This is one time I'm going to do some rotteness, and that hedgehog won't stop me!
  • In a word, they'll all be sunk!
  • Indeed! If I had the machine And The Brat's Glinch Powers, I could use it to terrorize all of Mobius!
  • Promotion? What for? You should have swiped the machine and brought it to me, you nincombot!
  • I'm demoting you to scrub monkey third-class. Now go and mop up the dungeon!
  • Snooping as usual, I see!
  • Me, keep a promise? Hah, that's rich! Fools, idiots! Throw Von Schlemmer And Shahra in the cooler!
  • Ah! Happiness is so much more enjoyable when it's based on the misery of millions.
  • Get out of my life!
  • You lame brain knuckle-dragging dork! How dare you interrupt me when I'm having a bath with my Rubber crocodile?!
  • The Fox Brat Has Glinch Powers (Scoffs) Who Knew?
  • Sonic won't know what's hit him!
  • I'm demoting you to scrub monkey third class! Now go and mop up the dungeon!
  • Sonic! You're just just in time to witness the triumph of terribleness! In the person of me, Dr. Robotnik.
  • Stop them! And hurry! We've got two more villages to demolish before lunchtime!
  • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Sonic is trapped in there. And the rest of Mobius is out here. And it's mine! It's mine! All mine! ALL MINE! (Cuts to commercial) With Sonic trapped inside the force field, Mobius is mine! MINE! Wait, did I say that already? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  • (Robotnik has been shot with his Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon after it got turned into a fast-motion weapon, and he and his Eggo-matic are sent careening off into the sky.) Stop! I can't take this for an hour! I get speed-sick! I'll catch Sonic for this. Hey, where did that mountaintop come from! No, stop! AHHHH! (Robotnik crashes into the mountaintop.) I...HATE...THAT...HEDGE...HOG!
  • Robotnik! Robotnik! Rah, rah, rah!
  • What happened up there, dumbbots! ... Why is my precious rocketship drifting off into deep space? Why am I reaching you at the corodinates of the abandoned space station! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!
  • (Robotnik is on the phone with the robots, who are stranded in space.) You lost my rocketship! You let the hedgehod ruin my plans! AND NOW YOU'RE RUNNING UP MY LONG DISTANCE BILL! You deserve to be space garbage!
  • Can't you r-r-r-rotten r-r-r-robots do anything r-r-r-right?


As he is in most of his appearances, Robotnik is depicted as being overweight, which is highlighted by his skin-tight body suit. This suit is cut into four sections by a yellow cross, with the two top sections being red, the bottom sections black. He wears grey gloves and red boots. He very rarely changes his outfit - though it is unknown if he just wears the same one all the time, or if he has many suits of the same design.

His trademark orange moustache is intact from the video games, as well as his long, red nose. His eye is black with piercing scarlet pupils, and they jut out from his head. There is some debate over his appearance, as it looks like he only has one eye with two pupils. He also wears red polka dotted boxers

Trivia Edit

  • In the episode Sonic Gets Thrashed Robotnik is seen naked in the shower on the screen and everyone is laughing at the screen.
  • Robotnik's line "Snooping as usual I see?" has become a internet meme because the "Ping" and "As" sounded as one word, coming out as Pingas.

Unused Voices Edit

Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Unused Voices

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