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Professor Von Schlemmer enjoying his Dream-A-Ma-Jig

The Dream-A-Ma-Jig is an object that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a machine that is able to bring characters out of one's dreams and into the real world. Just as easily, it is able to absorb the characters back into the machine which then delivers them back into the head of its user.


The Dream-A-Ma-Jig was invented by Professor Von Schlemmer, for the purpose of bringing his Dream Clown into the real world so he could entertain him. Von Schlemmer invented it in fifteen minutes. The machine requires oil from the impenetrable jungle of the lost continent of Wiki-tiki, to keep it from squeaking. There is also a compact portable version called the Porta-Dream-A-Ma-Jig.

After Robotnik learned about this machine he had Scratch and Grounder steal it and kidnap Von Schlemmer. Robotnik then forced the Professor to modify the machine to be compatible with nightmares so that he could bring monsters into the real world. After this alteration was finished, Robotnik brought his Boogey Man to life.

The Machine was used once more to bring out Tails' Junk Food Boogey Guy who defeated the Boogey Man and chased him back into Robotnik's head through the Porta-Dream-A-Majig.[1]