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Series Name
Season 1, Episode 5
Written by Robert Askin
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Slowwww Going
Sonic Breakout

In this episode, Robotnik captures countless mobians by tricking them into playing games that were almost impossible to win at, and when they lost he took them prisoner and forced them to build a monument for him in time for "Robotnik day", which he had just declared. When Robotnik's robot, Smiley, say "Okay, win and you get everything back," Sonic comes and wins the game for them. Next, a bus comes announcing that Robotnik has a new casino, and the gullible mobians fall for his devious plan. Of course, Robotnik riggs the games so that no mobians can win any of the games. Sonic drops Tails off at a nursery Knuckles goes with him so that he can save the mobians faster. Robotnik just needed to make them lose one more bet so that the mobians would owe him their lives, when Sonic comes in and disguises himself as a repairman, and tricks Scratch into giving him the key to the power control unit. Sonic rushes down and reverses Robotnik's cheating, so that the mobians win and Robotnik can't take them prisoner, meanwhile at the nursery the babysitter is demanding that Tails pays 10,000 mobiums, yet Tails was only at the nursery for ten minutes. Since Tails can't pay, the babysitter pushes a button, and since Tails was in a ball pool, the balls start to fall and then Tails falls through aswell (the button opened up the floor). Robotnik actually planned this all along, and now he had captured Tails! When Sonic comes back, he finds that Tails is gone. Smiley is there, and he tells Sonic that Robotnik has captured Tails and that he has organised a race and Sonic has to lose it otherwise Tails will get it. Later, Sonic attends the race and finds Robotnik there. Robotnik states that if Sonic doesn't lose, Tails will be trapped forever, but 1,000 mobians have bet there life on Sonic. It's the mobians or Tails. Sonic is going head to head against Grounder. Sonic makes his way through the race very slowly until Grounder pushes a rock down from a mountain that hits Sonic. Since in the race the finish is the start, when Grounder is on his way back Sonic gets mad at him for the rock inccident. Then Grounder says "Remember, if you don't let me win, you'll never see your little sidekick again! He'll be trapped forever in thats secret prison cell under the stadium!" then Knuckles grabs grounder by the nose and says "NOT IF I GET TO HIM FIRST"! Then Knuckles runs off to save him Of course, Sonic triple spins his way through the ground to get to Tails! When he gets back he steals the flag that you were supposed to get from the top of the mountain from Grounder and runs past the finish line with Tails. Sonic may have won but Robotnik had already taken the mobians prisoner. Sonic rushes to Robotnik's fortress, and triple spins through all the chains so that the mobians are free. He then changes the image of Robotnik to himself on the monument. As usual, Robotnik exclaims "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!"