AOSTH Knuckles
He Is Friends With Sally Acorn, Sonic and Tails. He Fights Robotnik Like Sonic Does He Rescues People Like Sonic He Has White Gloves With Needleballs He Also Uses His New Power The Dragon Fist

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  • Let's Kick Some Robot Booty
  • Hold On Sonic!
  • Going Up
  • Bring It Chicken Head (to Scratch)
  • Tails You're Ok (To Miles 'Tails' Prower)
  • Princess Evreything "ll Be Allright
  • Just Makin Sure You're Ok Sonic
  • We Got Somethin For You In You're Shack When You Get Here
  • Suprise Behold You're Bedroom It Has A Computer TV Video Games Even Have A Monitor In The Bar
  • I Knew Ya Like It Sonic
  • I Pulled This Off The Wreck
  • You Two Robo Faces Should've Stayed Home Now You Get To Be Dinner (to Scratch and Grounder)
  • I Never Liked Him Much Did I Say Never Liked I Ment Never Got To Know.
  • Oh Yeah Who Brought The Boom Knuckles The Echidna That's Who
  • Allow Me
  • Without Us You Know How Much I Like Punching Things!
  • Neither Do You Charmy But I Still Find A Use For Your'e Pointy Butt
  • Here Kid Take This We're Depending On You (to Tyler Klause/Kamen Rider Beetleborg)
  • Ok Let's Get Going Evreybody Mobius's Not Gonna Save It'self

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