Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Wiki

Chillidog Jam!!!

To impress Sonic, Amy makes Sonics favourite dish,


However Robotnik lears about her plan, and he kidnaps

her, in order to make her cook more for his traps for our

hero in blue. Can Sonic resist the delicious chillidogs and

safe the fair Amy?

Get that emerald!

Robotnik has build a hyper death ray and needs something

to power it. When he hears about a gem of enormous

powers he seek out to find it. Can Sonic and co, prevent him

from get his filthy hands on it and load his hyper death ray?

Do you Junior take this robot to your wife?

Junior has proposed to Brezie who gladly has accepted, to

the old doctors dismay.

Can the two robots live happily ever after, or will Robotnik

ruin it? It is now up to Sonic and co to safe the day!!!