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Episode Summary[]

A female hedgehog is running away from Dr. Robotnik's badniks, Scratch and Grounder.  Grounder tries to capture her with a fishing rod that comes out of one of his arms, but as he casts his rod, the hook gets stuck in a cactus, causing him to suddenly fly backwards and smash into the catus, dazed. 



Scrath then tells Grounder to "watch a real pro".  He casts the rod and the hook latches on to the hedgehog's dress, then Scratch proceeds to reel her in!

Sonic and his buddy, Tails, are sitting around their campfire, cooking chili dogs, when Sonic hears the female's cries for help.  He then zooms off to the rescue.  Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are using "stupid ways" to make the female hedgehog give them information on where they can find Sonic.  The female tells them she hasn't even met Sonic, and then Sonic himself dashes onto the scene, saying to the other hedgehog, "You have now!".  Sonic then asks the bots if they have any chivalry, to which Scratch replies "No."  Grounder then tries to glue Sonic's sneakers to the ground using his new glue gun, but Sonic easily dodges the blast.  While Scratch and Grounder argue over the fact Grounder missed, Sonic gets into the disguise of a photographer.  Scratch and Grounder fall for this trick, and when they are told to step back by Sonic, they step back into the pile of glue that Grounder had fired earlier, causing them to get stuck to the spot.  Sonic then rescues the female hedgehog and dashes away back to Tails and the campsite.

The female hedgehog thanks Sonic and starts to call him a whole manner of flattering things, such as "brave" and "speedy", much to Tails' annoyance.  Sonic is flattered by these names, and then the female hedgehog kisses him, to which Tails replies; "Yuck!"

He is not very happy that this woman is trying to schmooze up Sonic!  Sonic, with hearts in his eyes, says that


Nice to have met ya, bye! 💀

any "warp-speed hedgehog" could have rescued her, to which she again says flattering things.  Tails then introduces himself to the woman, and insists that he and Sonic have to go.  The woman then introducies herself as "Breezie".  Tails again tries to get rid of her, but then Breezie spots the chili dogs cooking, and says that chili dogs are her "favourite, favourite food!".  Sonic says that they're his favourite too, and that she can stay for some lunch if she wants to.  This is when the trouble begins, as Breezie states that she hates dining outdoors, and has Sonic get an umbrella.  He then dashes away and comes back with a table, an umbrella and two chairs. "  Breezie then says that all she needs are flowers.  Sonic rushes off to get some, but Breezies says it's a shame t

Robotnik evil

Sonic was just here.

hey aren't "Mobiusiamarvelosamarigoldias", which are her favourite type of flowers.  She tells them that they grow in a garden that is 2,000 miles away.  But this doesn't matter to Sonic, as he leaves Breezie with Tails, and dashes off to get those flowers!

Sonic stops at a creature who is selling maps (probably a weasel), and asks for one.  When the weasel gives him a map to the Mobiusiamarvelosamarigoldia Gardens.  On the way, Sonic fights off the Angry Alligators, provokes (and defeats) the python, and escapes the hungry cannibals.  When he arrives at the garden, he is welcomed by a rabbit gardener, who tells him no one ever leaves the garden alive "because the fire dragon won't let 'em!".  Sonic manages to defeat the dragon with ease however, and takes the flowers back to the campsite, where Breezie and Tails are waiting.

When Sonic returns, he is sweating a little, but he insists that he had no trouble getting the flowers.  Breezie says she was getting hungry waiting for Sonic to return.  Sonic asks Tails why he did not other her a chili dog, to which Tails replies that "she won't out our chili dogs."  Breezie tells Sonic that she only eats Chef's Charmene's Choice Chili Dogs, which is located 6,000 milles away, in the Ice Territory.

In the ice territory, Sonic asks a polar bear who is fishing directions to the restaurant.  When Sonic dashes away again, the polar bear pulls the fishing line out of the water, and talks into a phone tied to the bottom of the line, and asks to talk to Dr. Robotnik.

At Robotnik's Fortress, Scratch gives Dr. Robotnik the phone.  The bear tells Robotnik that Sonic was just in the Ice Territory.  Robotnik grows a big grin, and shouts out that his "sneaky,devious, under-handed scheme is WORKING!".  Scratch then asks if this is any scheme in particular, to which Robotnik explains his latest plot.  His secret agent, Breezie, has got Sonic running around in circles all over Mobius.  He had Scratch and Grounder chase Breezie so Sonic would think that Breezie is on the freedom fighter's side.  She is distracting Sonic so Robotnik can use his new "Egg-O-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer" to dig to the main Mobius Reservoir, steal all of it's water, and flood the peaceful town at the bottom of the reservoir so it can become Lake Robotnik.  He then wants Scratch and Grounder to help Breezie eliminate Sonic, prefering to do this deed solo.  With that final instruction, Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic buries underground, making it's way to the reservoir.

Back at the campsite, Sonic makes his return with the chili dog.  He's covered in snow however, and when he uses the camp fire to melt the snow off of him, it puts out the fire.  But, of course, Breezie knows just the place to warm up that chili dog!  Tails is shocked, surely she knows Sonic is tired!  But nope, Sonic isn't about to let his biggest admirer down, so he's off to Rent-a-stove, just 600 miles down the road!  This is the last straw for Tails.  He finally stands up (sort of) to Breezie, asking her why she's so mean to Sonic.  Breezie then says to Tails that he should flow down a river and get lost at sea.  She grabs him by the nose and throws him into a nearby river, where he quickly flows downstream!  Scratch and Grounder then appear out of nowhere, complimenting her on getting rid of Tails.  They then introduce themselves, but get in an arguement over who's in charge of S.S.S.S.S.S.  Breezie tells them she's in charge of this plan, and Scratch and Grounder get into another arguement!  Breezie then screams at them "STOP BLABBING AND GET TO WORK!".

Tails is still floating downstream.  He's approaching a waterfall, but he simply flys out of it.  He realises something's going on with Breezie, so he decides to find Sonic and tell him what happened.  He flies back to the campsite to she if she's still there.

  Back at the campsite, Scratch, Grounder and Breezie have built all of the traps and are testing all of them out.  First up is the "Fool-Proof, Speed-Proof, Escape-Proof Ground-Level Trap".  Scratch tells her it is, and tests it out.  It is a carpet coated treadmill that rises out of the ground.  It builds up static electricity in Sonic's quills as he runs faster.  Then a giant magnet will rise out of the ground, and the electrified Sonic is pulled into it's forcefield, and magnetically immobilized.  In case this trap should fail, their is a "Ingenious Backup Tree Trap".  This would involve Grounder chopping down a tree so it would crush Sonic.  Being Grounder, he cuts the tree down now, crushing Scratch.  He says to Breezie "I told ya it'd work!", to which she replies, "You were supposed to say it was ready, not show it was ready!".  

Grounder, realising his mistake, says they should check the next trap.  The final trap, named the "Double Insurance Extra Duty When All Else Fails Special Surprise Smasher From The Sky".  Scratch says that it is, presses a button, and a huge pole with a massive weight at the bottom comes down from the sky at a tremendous force and smashes into the ground.  Like Grounder says, "One Hedgehog, cancelled!".  Breezie decides they should tell Dr. Robotnik everything is ready, but Grounder's robo-com phone is dead.  They'll use Breezies instead.  Wait, use Breezies?!  Yep, Breezie is a robot, as Tails found out just now!  Robotnik has no further instructions.  He says that's he's going to reach the reservoir in ten minutes.  Tails knows he's got to find Sonic, and FAST!

Breezie Phone

Tails finds Sonic rushing back to the campsite.  He tries to tell Sonic the truth about Breezie, but Sonic's too desperate to get back to Breezie, and he dashes off, leaving his little buddy behind.

Grounder detects that Sonic is approaching, so he and Scratch get out of sight to prepare the traps, while Breezie makes some last minute adjustments to her makeup.  Sonic shows Breezie the chili dog, but Grounder tells Scratch that Sonic isn't standing on the right spot for the "Fool-Proof, Speed-Proof, Escape-Proof Ground-Level Trap". Scratch reassures Grounder she'll take care of it.  She asks Sonic to put the Chili dog on the table.  This is the right spot for the trap.  Sonic walks over to the table, but just before standing on the trap spot, he turns around and gives Breezie a present, which is a locket.  Breezie looks very surprised, and even a little confused that Sonic got something she didn't ask for.  Sonic then gives her a poem which he wrote himself.  She looks even more surprised at this.  Sonic then goes over to the table, and he stands on the trap spot.  Scratch jumps out of his hiding spot and activates the trap.  The treadmill rises out of the ground, and just as planned, the faster Sonic runs, the more electricity is built up.  He is then pulled towards the magnet, and he can not move at all.  Scratch and Grounder celebrate their victory, but Breezie is too busy reading Sonic's poem.  After reading it, she thinks it's beautiful.  Grounder can not understand why she's not paying atention to Sonic's capture, but Scratch assures him it's a good thing, as they'll get all the credit!  Scratch decides to finish Sonic off with the "Double Insurance Extra Duty When All Else Fails Special Surprise Smasher From The Sky", but Breezie pushes the badniks over before they can activate the trap.  She turns off the giant magnet, and Sonic falls onto the ground, unconscious.  Breezies begs Sonic to speak to her.  Scratch has now had the chance to activate the Smasher.  Sonic wakes up and dashes away with Breezie just before the Smaser crushed them.  The Smasher has caused the ground to split in half, and Scratch and Grounder fall in.

Breezie thanks Sonic for saving her life, and then comes clean with him.  She tells Sonic of Dr. Robotnik plan, and he dashes off into the tunnels to stop him.  When he catches up with Robotnik, Sonic attaches "Mobius' Longest Bungie Cord", causing the Egg-O-Matic to go flying backwards, with Robotnik shouting "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!"

Sonic is now sitting on a hill looking down-trodden.  Tails gives him a poem from Breezie, saying they'll meet again down the line.  Sonic then grabs Tails and dashes off, saying that they're going "Down the line".

Sonic Sez[]

Sonic tells us that nobody has the right to "touch you if you don't want them to", and that if they do, you need to tell someone you trust.

Running Gags[]

Sonic's Disguise[]

Sonic disguises himself as a photographer hired by Dr. Robotnik as he wanted Breezie's capture on film for his "Museum of Villainy and Rottenness".   

Lovesick Sonic disguise

Sonic in his disguise

Robotnik's Plan[]

Using his new "Egg-O-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer", he plans to dig to the Mobius Reservoir, steal all of it's water, and flood the peaceful village at the bottom of the reservoir, turning it into Lake Robotnik.


  • Scratch laughs seven times in this episode, perhaps the most times in a single episode in the entire series!
  • Technically, Tails is smarter then Sonic in this episode.
  • One of the better animated episodes.
  • The uniform Robotnik changes into for driving his Egg-O-Matic makes him look a Nazi (The medal he wears looks like the Iron Cross, and Robotnik actually appears to be giving the Nazi Salute!)
  • Breezie will appear again in the series.
  • In the scene where Robotnik is heading towards the Mobius Reservoir, and everything is labeled, the label that points to Robotnik reads "The Dastard".  Because this label is only on screen a few split seconds, older viewers may think this reads "The Bastard".
  • This episode's Sonic Sez is well known for being remixed and parodied into modern time.
  • The Polar Bear has lines in this episode.