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Miles Prower also known by his nickname Tails (born September 3, 1989, age 8, claimed to be 4 in a half in the series up until The Little Merhog) is an anthropomorphic 2-Tailed Fox who is 4 and a half years old. He is as close as brothers with Sonic the Hedgehog and the deuteragonist of the series.

Tails is indeed useful to Sonic in many situations, but he can be a hindrance. Because he is very young and cannot defend himself, he is incredibly susceptible to being kidnapped by Robotnik, and used as bait for Sonic. Sonic appears to know of this flaw and does his best to protect him, but his protection methods are often the reason why Tails gets kidnapped in the first place. Like Sonic, his favorite food is chili dogs, but apparently Tails likes extra cheese on his. He Also Uses His Glinch Powers Like Nick Bluetooth. Tails his also a glutton, has seen in "Too tall Tails" and "Boogie mania". He hates when sonic dosent give him whatever he wants and sometimes he his a troublemaker and he dosent like when sonic goes out with merna he sneaks off with satam tails thier both little monsters and sometimes sonic is too embarrass to handle tails and sometimes sonic use his cute talk to tails but he gets mad at him and he gets mad at sonic if dosent get a meal he wants he hate broccoli cabbage and healthy things and he is also scared of clowns and jack in boxes and candyman and jack but when sonic goes out with merna he orders a sitter but tails disrepects the sitter and so does satam tails and in stores he does get his way iff sonic says no he makes him says yes by just throwing things and he scared of krampus too and he cant go to fancy places no does satam tails he has the same fear ass tails from the adventures of sonic the hedgehog and sometimes sonic gives him applesouce ans¡d he spits out and he dosent have manners neither no does satam tails their little monsters.

Weakness Edit

Tails may be a capable fighter and sidekick to Sonic, buy sometimes things get to the best of the fox, not that he knows it, Tails main weakness, is being slow and being exploited, by his real name Miles. He doesn't want anybody to know about cause they'll think it's stupid, although it has a cool pun. "Miles Prower) miles per-hour. The only who knows is Sonic who keeps the secret safe, but Sonic has pulled something Tails of exploiting his name if he doesn't leave out of battle for a good reason, He told him if he doesn't get out he'll tell everyone his real name as joke threat. Tails does so, shocked that Sonic might tell. Although he'd never do it.

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He is an Orange-Brown 2-Tailed Fox. He wears two white gloves, a white pair of socks, and Red Slippers with White Tips. In " Tails New Home" he seems to be around the same height as a baby as he is presently.

Baby Tails Edit

As a baby, Tails believed he was a bird and says he was lost for a long time. He also could be called creepy asking if Sonic wanted to see him fly. This reveals that he always knew how to fly, or at least since he was a 1-year old. He met Sonic after
NewHome 159

Baby Tails carrying Sonic in a sack

being dropped out of a bird's nest and injuring Sonic a few times.

Classic tails from the sonic mania poster by jaysonjean-dbdn9md

Classic Tail OOF!! 🤣

Fat Tails Edit

At the end of the episode Boogey Mania, after eating a lot of junk food, Tails gains weight. Sonic notices that by saying "You sure packed away a lot of junk food there". His belly expands and then he burps.

Tails gets fat after eating too much junk food. 🍔🍟🧃

:) <— LOL

Fly Tails Edit

While Tails is the best could flying really good.
Aosth tails is pretty neat

Hood Tails Edit

So, Tails got a one the chaos emerald power-up.

Super Tails Edit

He Gets Super Powered Up After Using The Chaos Emerald He Morphs Into His Super Form By Holding Up The Chaos Emerald And Saying "Unleash The Power"!
Tails, in a costume

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  • Hey Sonic Wait Up
  • I Hate It When He Dosent Listen To Me.
  • Oh You're The Best Sonic How Are You Gonna Get In?
  • Way To Go Sonic!
  • I Should've Listen To Sonic
  • I've Been Wating A Whole Month For This
  • Dr Robotnik But Why?
  • Hey Why Be Like The Rest When You Can Be The Best
  • Wow! You Guys We're Super.
  • For Sure.
  • Really So What Is It?
  • Hi Sonic (to Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Are You Still Working That Bilogiy Paper Amy (to Amy Rose)
  • Ugh Gee Amy If You Wanted Some Good Ilustrations For This Paper (to Amy Rose)
  • Oh Duh
  • Gah No There Good Enough For This Old Biologiy Report Let's Go! (to His Friends)
  • What Is It Knuckles? (to Knuckles The Echidna)
  • What Who Stole Them?
  • Robotnik Has Chaos Emeralds That's Terrible!
  • Maybe So But If Robotnik Went Through All The Trouble To Steal The Emeralds He Must Have A Plan To Use Them.
  • MWHUHUHAHAHAHAHA Happy Halloween Sonic!
  • So What Do You Think?
  • What Oh Nono These Bandages Are For My Mummy Halloween Costume Our Costumes Are For The Halloween Contest
  • Yeah Finally If We Can Just Get Past Scratch Come On I Think The Coast Is Clear
  • Yeah But This Year We'll Fool Him We'll Go With Plan Czz
  • Mobius Assault I'll Go With Knuckles and The Others You Guys Go To The Mobian Schoolhouse And Get Some For My Invention So I Can Find It.

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  • He's Like Robin From Batman

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