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Look at below of Miles 'Tails' Prower from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog the unused voices.

Miles "Tails" Prower Unused Voices[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcript
300px Tails: Hey Sonic, wait up!
300px Tails: I've been waiting a whole month for this!
300px Tails: Hey Sonic look! There's a free poster of you in this issue!
300px Tails: Oh you're the best Sonic, how you gonna get in?
300px Tails: Dr. Robotnik! But why?
300px Tails: Wow! You guy were super!
300px Tails: Aw, nuts! He's liable to be out for a day or two! A day or two? That might be too late for Lawrence's Mom and Dad! But maybe, there's a way that Sonic could save the day, and save his reputation, too!
300px Tails: I'll be over there, and back before he even knows it!
300px Tails: This is totally radical! I finally get to be my all-time hero! I wonder how you work this thing.
300px Tails: Sorry I can't hang out with you, but I've got more work to do!
300px Tails: For sure! Welcome to... Wienerville. All right! It's the weenie capital of Mobius!
300px Tails: Yum! Yeah, I just hope they can make em' fast enough for me to eat! I'm starved!
300px Tails: Thanks, Sonic, you've saved me again!
300px Tails: How bout' 746 chili dogs, and some nice dessert?
300px Tails: Okay, whatever you say!
300px Tails: Hey, why be like the rest when you can be the best?
300px Tails: Man, watching you work sure makes me hungry.
300px Tails: Man, that's on the other side of Mobius!
300px Tails: Cool! This is going to be fun!
300px Tails: Man, Dreamsville sure is a weird place.
300px Tails: Great work, Sonic! I didn't think he was gonna fall for it!
300px Tails: This is great! I've gotta tell Sonic!
300px Tails: Awesome! Sonic, I'm waiting! (giggles)
300px Tails: I'm not fast anymore! I don't know what happened!
300px Tails: Sonic, how come when I got what I always wanted, more than anything else, everything went wrong?
300px Tails: No, tidal wave! Whee!
300px Tails: Yeah, let's do it!
300px Tails: Fast work!
300px Tails: Can we go find the biggest sodas money can buy, Sonic? Can we?
300px Tails: Yeah, cheese! Lots of cheese on my chili dogs, Sonic! That's how I like em'!
300px Tails: Whee! It's still today!
300px Tails: That's only three days away!
300px Tails: Well, two days away now!
300px Tails: Maybe Sonic's right. But how am I gonna get a present for free?
300px Tails: City dump, huh? Hmmm.... maybe!
300px Tails: Wheels! That's a good start, but what else!
300px Tails: Wings, that's it!
300px Tails: Now, let's see. Now, I connected that to there, right, and I did that. Darn, it still doesn't look right!
300px Tails: Oh, well. I hope Sonic likes it.
300px Tails: Aw, Sonic, I'm sorry the Robotnik Nabber didn't work!
300px Tails: No. Being an inventor was fun, but I have to help Sonic in his adventures!
300px Tails: He's probably at the North Pole by now!
300px Tails: I like to start my day with a steaming pot of oatmeal!
300px Tails: Now all we need is to figure out how to defeat Robotnik the Invincible!
300px Tails: And now, the truest, bluest, coolest, and fastest friend of all, the holy hedgehog!
300px Tails: Looks like the Mole Miners are getting under Robotnik's skin!
300px Tails: Way cool! Let's do it!
300px Tails: Way to go, Sonic!
300px Tails: Tough luck. My turn! Hmmm. How bout' the three and the four ball in the corner, nine and eleven in the side, with the seven, two and thirteen in the back corners off a combination shot, knocking the one, three, five, and ten in the far pocket, and whatever's left on the other corner?
300px Tails: I'm Miles Prower, but my friends call me "Tails"!
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