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Robotnik's mother has escaped from the Mobius home for really bizzare mothers, and demands her birthday present. When she endangers Sonic Tails Sally Knuckles Cosmo Cream Amy Shadow Rouge Blaze Sonia Manic and Tails, they manage to have her taken back to the home, even Robotnik is glad to see her go.



  • Tails: How Did Those Guys Know Momma Robotnik Was Here?
  • Sonic: Before They Came I Made A Quick Call.
  • Tails: You Think Of Evreything Huh Sonic?
  • Knuckles: Yeah Tails He Sure Does Dont Ya Sonic?
  • Sonic: Hey Is Chill Dog Nature's Most Perfect Food
  • Amy: No
  • Sonic: No?
  • Cosmo: No Two Chilli Dogs Are Nature's Most Perfect Food
  • Sonic: (laughs) You're Right Let's Go Get A Couple
  • Sonia: Yeah. (They Head Out Sonia And Manic Used There Bike And Hoverboard)