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Professor Von Schlemmer

Professor Dinglehoper Von Schlemmer (born June 23, 1991, age 21) is a character that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a brilliant, but eccentric and kooky scientist, and an invaluable ally of Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally Acorn and Tails.


Professor Von Schlemmer is a humanoid with orange hair with highlights, brown eyes and green skin. He is always seen slouched over with very bad posture. His attire consists of a white lab coat, blue pants, brown shoes, and small round glasses.



When Sonic Sally Manic Sonia Knuckles, or Tails are in danger, they sometimes see him for a device which he invents that can stop Robotnik or find each other.

In order to keep himself entertained, Professor Von Schlemmer invented the Dream-A-Ma-Jig to bring his Dream Clown out of his own dreams and into the real world, However, the invention of the Dream-A-Ma-Jig attracted the attention of Dr. Robotnik, who has the professor taken hostage. The professor initially refuses to turn his Dream-A-Ma-Jig into a nightmare machine, but cooperates after Tails is taken into custody as well and put in a cell. After he finishes the machine he is put in the same cell as Tails and they are both rescued by Sonic. To get help in capturing Robotnik's nightmare monster, the Boogey Man, he invents the Dream-Kadoodle. It can put people in dreams. After they return from Dreamsville with a plan Von Schlemmer shows off his new invention, the Porta Dream-A-Ma-Jig. Tails uses this new device to create a Junk Food Boogey Guy, which successfully battles the Boogey Man and scares him back into Robotnik's head.


Von Schlemer, while brilliant, embodies the idea of an absent-minded professor; he has a tendency to forget his own name, to believe his identity belongs to someone else, and has even gone as far as to "lose" himself. He is an absolute eccentric, with his absurd creations not only serving no particular point, but as well often leading to more trouble than good. Despite his oddities, Von Schlemmer is wholly dedicated to the fight against Dr. Robotnik's tyranny, and will always lend Sonic, Sally and Tails a hand where possible.


Schlemer five fingers

Von Schelmer rubbing his hands, Notice that he has five fingers on each hand. Everyone else in the show has only four.

  • Von Schlemmer is the only character in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog drawn with five fingers, whereas everyone else (even Robotnik) is drawn having only four fingers. There are some scenes that feature Schlemmer with only four fingers, though.
  • "Schlemmer" is a German word meaning "glutton."
  • "Von" (spelled in smallcaps) is a common part of Names of nobles (resp. former nobles, as nobility privileges were abolished in Germany at the beginning of the Weimar Republic) meaning "of".

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  • French Tickner