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"Hey, it works!  It's already curtailed MY motion!"
-Scratch, wearing the "Submatonic Slow-Go Beam Weapon" on his head, and confirming that it works                   
Sonic zapped

Sonic gets zapped by the Slow-Go Beam Weapon!

While Sonic and Tails are protecting the Sloth family from Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder manage to zap Sonic using Robotnik's new Slow-Go Beam, slowing him down to the speed of a sloth, leading to an easy capture.  It's now up to Tails to try to use the Slow-Go Beam to his advantage, and rescue his friend.

Episode Summary[]

Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are hovering above Sloth Manor, which houses, obviously, the Sloth family.  Robotnik orders the two robots to jump down and "dismantle, destruct and destory" Sloth Manor, the destruction being the perfect bait to lure Sonic the Hedgehog into his latest trap.  Robotnik then dumps Scratch and Grounder out of his Egg-o-Matic, and they crash land (as they forgot to wear their parachutes) through Sloth Manor, leaving a massive hole in the roof and the floor.  Robotnik then uses a giant magnet to pick up the remains of Scratch and Grounder, and flies back to his fortress.  One of the sloths however, named Rocket, sees Robotnik flying away and proceeds to activate a "Save Us Sonic" distress beacon.

Back at Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik is making repairs on Grounder.  He then tells both of the robots to go back to Sloth City with his latest invention, which Scratch is currently examining.  Scratch thinks it's just an old stove pipe.  Robotnik then tells Scratch that it is actually a "Submatonic Slow-Go Beam Weapon".  When Scratch drops the weapon, Robotnik angrily explains what the weapon does, saying "IT DRASTICALLY CORTAILS MOLECULAR MOTION!"  Scratch then proceeds to put the device on his head, and because he can not see where he's going, agrees with Dr. Robotnik that it does cortail people's motion.  Scratch fumbles around the fortress, knocking boxes over and making experiments explode.  He then bumps into Robotnik, who promptly takes it off Scratch's head and yells that it is the perfect weapon to capture Sonic with.  Robotnik explains that the weapon will shoot a beam at Sonic that will him down to "Sloth Motion", and that the weapon is powered by a Mobiun Mega Crystal, that took nine years to make.  The beam should slow Sonic down for about one hour, which is plenty of time for Scratch and Grounder to capture him.  Robotnik then wants them to ring him up after Sonic has been captured so he can pick him up.  He then gives the weapon to the robots who begin to argue about who gets to hold it, but when Robotnik threatens to fire them, they stop fighting but accidentally zap Robotnik with his own weapon!  In sloth-motion, Robotnik tells them to "Come back in exactly one hour, so I can dismantle you!"

Back at Sloth Manor, Rockey is waiting for Sonic to arrive, and he soon does.  Sonic is taken aback at the damage the house took, but he and Tails get started on fixing the house.  Sonic begins to make measurements on then house, while Tails tries in vain to write everything down.  After everything has been measured, Rocket shows Tails that he's the fastest sloth on Mobius, which is measured by how fast you fall from a tree.  Sonic then begins to saw tree trunks into bits of wood to repair the house, but it's obvious that the Sloths aren't made for heavy work.  He placed Rocket on look-out duty, and if he sees trouble, he's to ring a gong to warn him and everyone else.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder detect Sonic in their nearby vacinity. Rocket starts to sound the gong, and narrowly avoids being hit the Slow-Go beam.  Sonic asks Rocket what the trouble is, and he soon finds out when another beam launches straight over his head!  Sonic builds a fort around Sloth Manor to protect it, and orders Tails to watch over the family while he takes care of the badniks.  While trying to zap Sonic, Scratch zaps a nearby waterfall, causing it to move a lot slower.  Sonic realises what the beams can do when the bots zap a rock fall. Scratch and Grounder are both arguing about how rubbish they are at zapping Sonic, when Robotnik appears hovering above them, yelling that they both can not do anything right.  The robots realise that the slow-mo must have worn off, and while they try and grab the weapon off of each other, they zap Robotnik again!  He slowly flies back off to his fortress again.  Sonic dashes back to Sloth Manor to think of a way to stop the robots and pick up Tails.

Sonic caught

We captured Sonic! -gasp- We won!

Scratch and Grounder use a Inflatable School so Sonic will slow down for the "FAKE school zone", which will give the robots the perfect chance to zap Sonic.  Sonic realises this is a trap however, and creates a sonic tornado to trash the badniks.  Their next plan works however.  Grounder is dressed up as a sloth, and while Sonic is looking at him, Scratch zaps Sonic with the ray.  Sonic then slowly tells Tails to "Save yourself!", and when Tails flies off, the hedgehog is captured.

Scratch and Grounder have Sonic locked away in a cage hidden in a cave.  They phone Dr. Robotnik, who says he will be there within the hour.  Meanwhile, Tails is trying to think of what to do next.  He decides to go and find Sonic.  Scratch and Grounder are taunting Sonic with food, knowing he's too slow to grab it in time.  Tails then appears with the Slow-Go weapon in his hands, threatening to zap the robots if they don't release Sonic.  Grounder knocks it out of his hands, but as the machine hits the floor, the crystal powering the weapon snaps in two.  Scratch doesn't sense any trouble though.  He just puts the two pieces back into the machine, and is about to zap Tails when Sonic pulls on Scratch's tail feathers, causing a distraction in order for Tails to get away.  He flies away with the Slow-Go weapon.

 Back at Sloth Manor, Tails plans to Slow-mo the robots, when the weapon goes off and zaps Rocket, making him as fast as Sonic! Tails realises that the "Slow-mo is a Fast-mo.  It musta happened when the crystal broke!" and zaps the enitre Sloth family. They then head back to the cave where Sonic is being held.  Back in the cave, Scratch and Grounder are playing cards when they hear a BOING noise. They go to investigate, and find out that the sloth family is using a diving board to bounce into the cave, rolled up like a ball, and bounce back out again. While the Sloths plan is working at first, bouncing off of the walls and smacking into the bots, Grounder eventually turns one of his drills into a tennis racket, and starts hitting them out of the cave.  The Sloths decide to keep doing this as a distraction so Tails can use the Fast-Mo Beam on Sonic.  Tails manages to zap Sonic, and he does indeed return to normal.  Sonic then gets rid of the two robots.  Sonic then thanks Tails and Rocket for the rescue, just as Dr. Robotnik arrives, demanding he gets his weapon back.  Tails then zaps him, making his Egg-o-Matic go soaring off into the sky.  Sonic then throws the two pieces of the crystal into a river, where they won't fall into Robotnik's hands again.  Robotnik then crashes into a mountain, and then Sonic gave us a wink and the peace symbol as the screen fades to black.

Sonic Sez[]

Sonic tells us that everyone has something special to offer, and even though some may be slow, you still might learn something from them.        


thumb|284px|right|The Sonic Sez of this episode

Running Gags[]

Sonic's Disguise[]

  • Sonic disguises himself as a school crossing guard.


  • First appearance of Rocket.
  • Tails reveals that he is only four and a half years old, but in the games he is 8.  This was most likely filled in by the writers, as Tails was still a relatively new character when this series was released.
  • This episode marks the third time Scratch and Grounder have managed to capture Sonic (though you could say the plan in Lovesick Sonic was actually Breezie's idea).