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Narrator: Today On The New Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog Tails And The Others Catch A Truck With Tails Favorite Comic Book.

Tails: There's The Delivery Truck Sonic Let's Go!

Sonic: The Truck's Only Lightyears Away Where's The Fun In That?

Knuckles: Yeah What's Up With That Buddy

Tails: It's My Favorite Comic Book Come On We Gotta Be First In Line!

Kids: Crack Ups Crack Up Crack Up Crack Up

Sonic: So If You Wanna Short Stuff If You Worried

Tails: Im Not Worried

Sally: Really?

Tails: AHHHHHHHH! Ok Im Worried. Narrator: And It's Just Another Day In The Office For Doctor Robotnik

Amy: Now That's The Tails I Know

Shadow the Hedgehog: Well A Comic Came Out And I'd Love To Read It.

Sonic: But The Truck Is Only Do At 80!

Narrator: And It's Just Another Day At The Office For Doc Robotnik.

Robotnik: Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Everyone on Mobius: [laughing]

[Robotnik gets angry]

Robotnik: HOW DARE EVERYONE ON MOBIUS LAUGH AT THE GREAT DOCTOR ROBOTNIK!! NO ONE MAKES FUN OF ME!! NO ONE!! Whoever's responsible for this outrage will be my first prisoner! Bring me the file creature who draw this cartoon!!

Sonic: [laughing] Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! I love this comic book! [laughs again]

Tails: Hey Sonic Look There's A Free Poster Of You In This Issue

Sonic: Hey Arent I Taller Then That?

Knuckles: Uhhhh Yep Pretty Much

Narrator: Then A News Report Reports That Sketch Has Gone Missing

Sonic: Well I Gotta Pretty Good Idea Who Did It

Tails: Robotnik?

Knuckles: Yep

Sonic: If He Thinks He Can Lock People Up Just For Making Fun Of Em He's Gotta Another Thing Coming

Tails: What Are We Gonna Do?

Sally: I Have The Old Plan Cream Amy Sonia Manic!

Cream: What's Up Sally Girl

Amy: Yeah What Is It?

Sally: Sketch Lampoon Has Been Kidnapped Time For A Plan Technique

Manic: Which Is....?

Sonic and Sonia: The Jailbreak Jam Up Over And Gone!

Tails: Hey Sonic Wait Up.

Knuckles: Don't Count Me Out Yet Guys.

Shadow: Come On Rouge

Rouge: Right Behind You Shadow

Sally: Come On Girls!

Amy: Right Behind You Sally Girl

Cream: We're Behind You

Sonia: Manic Let's Juice

Manic: Couldint Said It Better Myself Sis

Narrator: Then While The Team Rescues Sketch Robotnik Has A Big Suprise For Our Hero.

Sonic: Aww. You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble for little ol me! Humpty!

[Robotnik mutters angrily and opens the cell door]

Robotnik: Get in there [throws Sonic in the cell] You interfered with my plans for the last time! [closes the cell door] Halt to your pose! [they pose] I had piles of evil to perform now that Sonic's out of the way. Starting with...

Robotnik: Your new issue of crack-ups will be all about me! I'll show Mobius how I really am! Start drawing! No, no! Thinner! More muscles! More handsome! [Sketch finishes drawing Robotnik] Yes! That's it! My eyes like tools! My teeth like polished ivory! That's what I look like!

Sketch: In your dreams.

Narrator: Can Our Heroes Save Sketch Before It's Too Late? Find Out On The New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Next.