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Sonic the Hedgehog is the leader of the freedom fighters of Mobius and is the one of the two main protagonists of the series. He is a cocky, confident hedgehog who tries to stop the evil Dr. Robotnik's dreams of taking over the planet Mobius becoming a reality.

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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was the first animated series to feature Sonic. In this series, Sonic is depicted as a young rebellious, comical, energetic, witty, clever, undefeated, sassy, mirthful, and fun-loving teenager. While he can be loud and obnoxious, he still fiercely defends Mobians from anything untoward, including Dr Robotnik.

Sonic can run at extremely fast speeds, assuming he is wearing his specially designed sneakers, which he uses to his advantage when fighting Robotnik. He is also capable of curling into a ball and performing a buzzsaw attack which can cut through most objects, though Robotnik has used various materials such as Nuclear forged steel and Diamondium laced metal to counter this ability.

While Sonic enjoys helping people out, he can get annoyed if someone tries to help him out. He feels that this will land them both in danger, and his temper can get the better of him (like with Captain Rescue). Sonic usually apologizes later though, showing that he doesn't mean to get angry.

Sonic is very over protective of his friend Tails in this show. Usually Tails has to hide somewhere while he will deal with Scratch and Grounder. If Tails is captured, Sonic is determined to find him, showing that they have a very strong bond, mainly because they're the only family each other has got.

Despite the devious attitude he is given in the main show, during the Sonic Sez segments, he is illustrated as a responsible role model for the innocence of Tails, often dealing advice to the fox when he gets into a difficult situation He Also Uses His New Power Speed Force.

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"I love ya little bro!" -Sonic

Sonic loves Tails and enjoys his company. They always travel around Mobius trying to stop Dr. Robotnik and
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A flashback of how Sonic met Tails in Tails' New Home

his Badniks. 

Sonic is also very protective other Tails, and cannot bear to think of Tails being in the clutches of Robotnik.  This is often why Tails has to find a safe spot to hide when Sonic has to fight some Badniks. Sonic tries his best to be a good role model as well to Tails, but sometimes he himself can get annoyed with the fox Sometimes Tails Is Super Strong He Has His Glinch Powers.

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Sonic is voiced by Jaleel White. in New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, in Disney's New House of Mouse he will be Voiced by Leo Howard for Best known for being Jack from Disney XD's Kickin It.


Sonic looks very much as he did in the original Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Drive games that lead to the creation of AoSTH. He is a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog with a peach and belly. His head and back are covered in spines, which are instrumental in his buzzsaw attack. He always wears the same red and white pair of shoes, which are heat-resistant and necessary for his incredible running ability. He appears to be wearing gloves. He also seems to have conjoined eyeballs. 


  • That's The Secret Of Speed Keed. (to Miles 'Tails' Prower)
  • Hey What's With You Bro? (to Manic the Hedgehog)
  • Done Sis We'll Jam as Soon as It's Dark (to Sonia the Hedgehog)
  • Let's Speed Kid! (to Miles 'Tails' Prower)
  • Im Up Over And Gone!
  • Ahh Thanks Knux (to Knuckles The Echidna)
  • Hi Ho Sonic AWAYYYYYYY!
  • Time To Jump Shift Mates! (to Wes Weasley Seargent Doberman And Edward Elric And Alphonse Elric)
  • Bud It'd Be Fun To Thrash Em With A Good Old Triple Spin NAAH! Better Put Em In Reverse So They'll Clean Up This Mess!

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • He is Very Similar to a Marvel Character Spider-Man.
    • Both of them are very Quick. 
    • Both of them wear Sneakers. 
    • Both of them have made Friends inside and Outside the Games. 
    • He's also sounds like him, But slightly Older.  
    • Both of their shows are shown In Fox Kids. 
    • Both of them sounded like Each other.
    • However, Unlike Spider-Man, He save The World, Universe, His Company with his speed, and Not his Inventions.  
    • Also, although their series are ended, It was still popular in Recent years, Newer Generations and the like.  
    • Both of their Enemies are an Evil Scientist.  
  • He's Very Speedy, similar to Pietro Maximoff from Marvel Comics as Quicksilver and Barry Allen as The Flash from Detective Comics.
    • However, Unlike them which both of them Are Humans, Sonic is an Atromophic Animal and Not a Superhuman.  
  • This Sonic has the Shortest Tail among the other Incarnations.

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