Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Wiki
Series Name
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by Robert Askin
Directed by Kent Butterworth
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Lovesick Sonic


Robotnik uses his "Hedgehog-Ometer" to locate Sonic and uses Scratch and Grounder to capture him in the Marble Zone. After the pair fail to capture Sonic and Tails, Sonic encounters an underground chamber filled with treasures owned by a very selfish, miserable and hostile mole who attacks Sonic and Tails for touching his treasure. After a long chase, the Mole captures Sonic in a diamondius cage making escape impossible.


Sonic and Tails, caged in the miner's caverns.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder inform Robotnik about the Mole's stash. Robotnik then proceeds to excavate the area. Unfortunately, the resulting tremors from Robotnik's work causes the cave walls to crumble. The Mole, thinking that Sonic had let the world know that his stash was there, opens a slow aperture trap door beneath the cage, meaning that if they didn't get out soon, they would fall down the hole to oblivion.

Robotnik becomes angry that Scratch and Grounder cannot remember where exactly the stash is and decides to use explosives to dig deeper underground. The explosion causes the precious gems to rain down upon them to which they all rejoice until the ground beneath them caves in. They unwittingly cause a giant diamondius to fall on-top of Sonic and Tails' cage which breaks the bars, freeing them and causing Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder to fall down the pit. Grounder makes an attempt to catch Robotnik, but his net breaks causing him to fall further down the pit.

Sonic tries to escape but the Mole insists he isn't leaving without his stash as they are his only friends, but when Sonic saves the Mole from a falling rock, Sonic shows him that he has new friends.