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"Tails' New Home" is the 16th episode of Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog. The episode reveals how Sonic and Tails first met, and how Miles Prower recieved his nickname Tails.

This episode was written by Bruce and Reed Shelley.




Knuckles The Echidna



Dr. Robotnik

Stork Couple (first appearance)

Sergeant Doberman (first appearance)

A Goldfish

2 Badniks impersonating Tails' Parents

Coconuts (Sonic Sez segment only)


It commences with Tails and Sonic being attacked by Scratch and Grounder. Sonic comes to rescue his little buddy. As Sonic makes quick work of Scratch and Grounder, Tails ends up falling out of a tree and getting injured Knuckles screams in Rage. Sonic was very guilty about Tails getting hurt and declares that he would never let something like this happening again.

Sonic pulls a bandaged Tails in a wagon, whilst explaining to him that he is going to find him a real family. Tails insists that he does not need a real family whilst Sonic insists. The first family is a pair of clumsy birds which flood their house and set it on fire. Tails says he would be safer living with Robotnik. The next family is that of Sergeant Doberman who treats Sonic and Tails as new recruits. Sonic and Tails retreat the first chance they get Knuckles Gets angry at Sergeant Doberman and Beats Him Up.

When all hope seems lost, Sonic and Tails find a billboard with a picture of Baby Tails on it which catches Tails' attention. Scratch and Grounder are hiding behind the billboard. Scratch speaks through a microphone explaining that the chils's real parents miss their baby and gives an address. Tails gets very excited to hear his real parents are looking for him. Sonic is a little sad at the idea of losing his friend now Knuckles Cheers Him Up.

They go to the address and Tails' parents are giving him lots of toys and food. Tails is very happy. Tails' father says to Sonic "Tails belongs with his own kind". Sonic and Tails say goodbye and Sonic leaves. Dr. Robotnik watches from a far away telescope. He notices a tear run down Tails' cheek. Dr. Robotnik then explains to Scratch and Grounder that his plan to capture Tails is working perfectly.

Tails' parents reveal themselves as badniks and capture Tails.

Sonic sits by a rock and remembers the time he first met Tails. In a flashback, Baby Tails falls on top of Sonic. He tells Sonic that his name is Miles and that he hates it. Sonic gives him the nickname "Tails". Sonic snaps out of the flashback and realizes that if those were really Tails' parents, they would've called him Miles, not the name he gave him.

Back at the fake Tails' parents home, Dr. Robotnik arrives to greet his badniks, while Tails is shown tied to a chair and gagged. Meanwhile, Robotnik has a trap set of two traps for Sonic called the "magnetic sneaker gripper Hedgehog trapper" and "the Ceiling squasher Sonic Smasher cruncher". Sonic arrives desguised as a mailman and tricks Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder into getting crushed by their own trap, in the process turning the fake parents into a can of applesauce. Sonic removes the ropes and gagging cloth from Tails.

Sonic and Tails are walking together, Sonic apologises to Tails for the whole ordeal. Tails explains that he already has a family. He tells Sonic that he is his Mom, he is his Dad, and he is his picket fence. Sonic tells Tails that he loves him and gives him noogies. Tails says he is glad to be home.

Sonic Says[]

Sonic sees Coconuts and asks him what he is doing. Coconuts explains that he is running away from home. Sonic informs him of all the bad things that could happen and convinces Coconuts to not run away from home.


  • Whilst the Sonic Says segment in this episode relates to the story, it makes no real sense in the context of the scene itself since Sonic is basically telling Coconuts that it's better for him to work for Dr. Robotnik than to no longer be one of his minions, most likely because he just HAS a home.
  • One of the Badniks from this episode can be seen in the audience of the continuation of the 16-bit game of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog pilot.
  • Tails' fake parents from this episode also appear in the episode Magnificent Sonic as citizens of Tranquil Gultch. The stork husband also appears in that same episode.
  • After eating chicken whilts riding Grounder (who was flying), Sonic pulls down a white sheet and makes puking noises. He then says that "I hate airline food!". This could be traced back to the common joke that airline food tastes bad.
  • The music in this episode is a half-step lower than usual.
  • In this episode, Tails only reveals that his name is Miles. He doesn't, however, reveal his full name, Miles Prower. Also, This is Actually the Pilot Episode in Chronological Order.