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Tails Party 8 is a Mario Party-based game. DESCRIPTION

It's Tails Party 8 on the Nintendo Switch!!! Music composed by: Some artists... Tails' voices recorded by: Ilija Bulcid


To start the game, press start. (PC Version: Spacebar) Choose the dice using the up arrow (PC Version: (same here)) To move, use Left and right arrows (PC Version: (also same lol)) To progress through in the instructions of Blocky's Spinies, use the start button (PC Version: Spacebar)


Before the Blocky's Spinies minigame, you do the dice rolling game. Ingame, you have to win on 10 turns to become a superstar. Everyone else is the opponent, Tails is the first, Bubble second, Firey third and Pin last. Well, the dice rolling game has the board just like in Mario Party. To win, don't get hit by a spiny or you score a foul. To draw, do the same as other players.