21 STHM Vector


He Is A Crocodile With Bling Shoes Rings Headphones


He Has A Hardcore Detective Personality


He Is Created By Tyler Klause


  • Oh Yeah Baby Somebody's Been Working Out
  • Funny Dice Oh Now That's Just Tacky
  • Booyah Skadoomb!
  • My Arm!
  • Booyah I Dont Know Who You Are Or Where Ya From But Robotnik We Just Kicked You're Virtual But
  • That Makes To Of Us Scratch You Quit! (to Scratch)
  • Calm Down Buddy What Are You Trying To Tell Us (to Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Are You Disapointed We We'rent Just Attacked By A Monster?
  • Wait Wait How Could She Not Know You We're You You Are So Obviusly You (to Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • I Think I Know Who Our New Team Sonic Leader's Gonna Be and The Role Goes To Sonic!
  • You're Acting Kinda Crazy


  • He's Like Angel From The TV Series

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