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Played by:

Michael Donovan

Wes Weasley (born June 20, 1976, age 37) is often recognized for his orange suit and his merchandise of questionable quality. Being a salesman, Wesley doesn't really care who's buying from him, so long as he gets his pay. He's quick to leave if things start going wrong however.

Relationship with Doctor Robotnik[]

Robotnik despises Wes due to many of Wes's products backfiring on him. However, his minions continue to purchase from Weasely. Despite all the trouble that usually coincide with the products. One time, Coconuts went on a shopping spree and forwarded all of the payments to Robotnik without his knowing.

In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog "Hero of the Year" Wes Weasely went so far as to pretend to be limo-jacked by Scratch and Grounder and hosted a Hero of the Year ceremony for Sonic so that Dr. Robotnik could capture him, all for a Shopping Channel.

Relationship with Sonic[]

Although Wes has sold products to Robotnik and his badniks, and helped Robotnik multiple times, Sonic has rarely ever confronted Weasley directly, and has only done so in "birth of a salesman."

Sonic has helped Wes deal with robotnik on multiple occasions.


Wes Weasley as depicted in the show.




Weasley's The Name! Sells The Game!

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